Substance Node Pack Dete Cells Toolkit墙面物质节点包-工具包

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This Substance Designer utility node pack includes the following nodes:

Dete Angular Cells – Sharp angular cell pattern useful for city layouts and circuit boards. Tweakable size and rotation.

Dete Cell Shapes – Creates shapes from an connected cell pattern. Options for amount of gradients, noise strength, cell flattening etc.

Dete Stone Wall Cells – Node that creates cell patterns meant to resemble old stone walls. Tweakable cell size. Other options are two different types of stone walls. Use with Random Seed. Outputs cells.

Dete Edge Detect Fine – Compared to the default edge detect node in Substance Designer, Dete Edge Detect Fine creates a one pixel thin edges. Needs cells as input.

Dete Cell Tweaker – This node takes a cell input and lets you tweak it in many different ways.

5 Sbsar files
Created using Substance Designer 10.1.1


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此 Substance Designer 实用程序节点包包括以下节点:
检测角单元- 锐角单元图案对城市布局和电路板有用。可调整大小和旋转。
检测细胞形状 – 从连接的细胞图案创建形状。梯度量、噪声强度、单元展平等选项。
检测石墙细胞- 创建类似于旧石墙的细胞图案的节点。可调整的单元格大小。其他选择是两种不同类型的石墙。与随机种子一起使用。输出单元格。
Dete Edge Detect Fine – 与 Substance Designer 中的默认边缘检测节点相比,Dete Edge Detect Fine 创建一个像素的细边缘。需要单元格作为输入。
Dete Cell Tweaker – 此节点接受单元格输入,并允许您以多种不同方式对其进行调整。

5 个 Sbsar 文件
使用 Substance Designer 10.1.1 创建

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