maya毛发头发插件HairStrips Creator Tool V1.0 win mac linux


– Fast & Super easy to use, making it non-technical & Artist friendly,
– 100% Procedural controls globally & locally creating & tweaking the polystrips.
– Convert any set of maya curves to procedural Poly HairStrip Cards instantly.
– Automatically Aligns/orients the HairStrip Cards based on the Scalp surface normals.
– Control a variety polystrip attributes Globally OR Locally.
– Controls include – Base,Tip Width, Length(along curve), XYsegments, bend, twist, orient offset, adaptive Width & adaptive XYsegments.
– Adaptive Width-Ratio procedurally sets the width per strip based on relative strip-lengths, without the need to painting any weight maps.
– Adaptive XYsegments procedurally reduces/optimizes polycount/segments per strip, based on relative strip-lengths&widths.


Maya 2015或者更高版本,Win/Mac/Linux

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