PL_016_Maya-Clarisse模型场景桥接插件Maya Clarisse Bridge Tool V2.0 Win

Maya Clarisse Bridge Tool可以将Maya和Clarisse的场景文件相互桥接导入,包括场景的模型、灯光、摄像机等都保持不变


UI redesigned and UI presets.
Alembic Support and Alembic Referencing.
Animation Support inclouding multiple shapes objects i.e., Skin Clusters.
Hierarchy Preservation for all objects type.
More lights attribute support.
Real-Time updates for Lights and Shaders.
Faster shaders querying method – 4-5 times faster than the previous version.
Socket port is now exposed for better control over command port connection.
Better, easier tool installation.

fixed some lights exposure issues.
fixed issue when you run the tool while Clarisse is not running.
fixed the tx option not working in some cases.
fixed the scale issue with some objects in obj export.


拷贝clarisse_bridge_V2.0文件夹到 文档\maya\2019\scripts\

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